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WPS-TV School News: March 14, 2014
In this edition: Curtis Middle School receives national honor, two new Wallace Scholars in the Wichita Public Schools, Robinson Middle School gets Internet Lessons from Google, Distinguished Classroom Teacher Awards presented, Start Strong/Choose Respect Art Show, KS Supreme Court issues ruling in the School Funding Lawsuit. Our Anchor is Leon Daugherty from Metro-Boulevard Alternative High School.
All-City Honors Orchestra Concert
Excerpts from the 7th Grade, 8th Grade, and High School Honors Orchestra Concert presented February 4, 2014 at Century II. Directors are Christopher Lovell, Kristal Cutler and Benjamin Cline. Watch
The Google "Good to Know Roadshow"
Students at Robinson Middle School learned about safe practices while online with Google’s Good to Know Road Show. The travelling program promotes ways students can protect themselves and their information while online. Watch
National Academic League Finals Match
The NAL Championship game for 2013-2014 between Allison and Robinson Middle Schools is featured on WPS-TV. Both teams were extremely competitive throughout the evening with only a small separation between the scores. One team won the match on the final question! Allison and Robinson had an outstanding season and both teams will advance to play in the National Competition. Wichita Public Schools is extremely proud of all of our NAL competitors this season! Watch
YESS Summer Youth Program
Learn all about the Youth Education Summer Socialization Program! The YESS Program is a 9 week summer program serving students ages 5-21 with developmental disabilities. This fun and exciting program is designed to help students retain what they have learned during the school year, while developing improved communication and socialization skills. Watch
WPS-TV School News: February 13, 2014
In this edition of the School News: An unusual guest speaks against bullying at Jardine Middle School,
Val Jackson Elementary holds their Annual Career Day, Robinson Middle School finds a new way to honor the Honor Roll, Christa McAuliffe Academy honors their namesake, Southeast High School student is the latest Gore Scholar, a look back at Choices Fair 2014. Anchors are Kate Halabi and Marcela Cepeda from Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet. Watch
Welcome to Hamilton Middle School
Take an inside look at Hamilton Middle School and see what makes this school in the heart of the city such a great place for students. Watch
Magnet School Themes in Wichita Public Schools
Information about the vast array of schools of choice offered by Wichita Public Schools and spotlighting our rich variety of Wichita magnet school programs. Watch
First in Class: Ann Winkel Episode 2
Our new series follows Wichita Public Schools teachers during their first year in the district. In this episode, we catch up with Ann Winkel, 7th Grade math teacher at Truesdell Middle School, to find out how her school year is progressing and how she is overcoming some of the hurdles she has faced. Watch
First in Class: Molli Sebastian
In this episode, we check out Molli Sebastian's first nine weeks as a teacher, and learn about a few other "firsts," including her first parent-teacher conferences and her first report cards. Watch
First in Class: Rosalina Train
This series follows new Wichita Public Schools teachers during their first year in the district. This episode features Rosalina Train, English teacher at Truesdell Middle School. Learn why Rosalina decided to become a teacher and why she delights in teaching and nurturing middle school students. Watch
Parent Talk: Safe and Civil Schools
Ever wonder what those "CHAMPS" and "ACHIEVE" posters are in Wichita school hallways and classrooms? They serve as a reminder to students of positive behavior in all areas of the school - from classrooms to restrooms! Dr. Randy Sprick joins host Kim Burkhalter to explain the Safe and Civil Schools initiative, which is a proactive and positive approach to classroom management. Watch
Circle of Friends
Circle of Friends is a program in Wichita middle and high schools that establishes friendships between students with disabilities (ie: Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.) and their non-disabled peers through inclusive and meaningful participation in school, as well as within the Wichita community. Watch
CHAMPS/ACHIEVE Bus Expectation Videos
Wichita Public School students learn about proper behavior on the school bus, including CHAMPS and ACHIEVE expectations for the bus ride. Watch

Parent Talk: Transportation Services in Wichita Public Schools
How far must your family live from your neighborhood school to receive bus transportation? Do buses have cameras on board? Does the district's "space available" policy guarantee my child a seat on a school bus? District Transportation Director Fabian Armendariz joins host Sierre Usher to provide answers to these and many more questions, tips on bus safety and explains new behavior expectations for students as we begin a new school year. Watch
New Lunch Procedures for Elementary Students
Watch our new lunch procedures for elementary school students in 2013-14. Watch
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First In Class: Ann Winkel
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