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Heights High School "Fresh Start" Day
Freshmen students get special treatment during their first day at Heights High School. Watch
Head Chef Introduces Healthy & Delicious New School Food Choices
Andrew Terronez, head district chef, shows off samples of our new school menu items in the Wichita Public Schools. Watch
Celebrating "Homegrown" Teachers in Wichita Public Schools!
Some of our new "Shooting Star" teachers are HOMEGROWN - coming from USD 259 schools! Learn how they were influenced to become teachers themselves from the outstanding experiences that had growing up and going to school in Wichita. Watch
New Teachers Explain Why They Chose WPS!
These new teachers could have chosen practically ANY school district, but they chose Wichita Public Schools. Here's why! Watch
Hall Pass School Visitor System
This fall, every school in our district will begin using a new visitor management system called Hall Pass. Learn how parents, school volunteers and other school visitors can quickly navigate through this security check-in system and help keep our students safe. English Version Spanish Version
Education Edge 2015-2016
The Education Edge allows individuals and corporations to help fund classroom mini-grants, fine arts and athletics programs in Wichita Public Schools. Learn how the Education Edge helped Wichita students last year and how you can become involved this year. Watch
#WPSProud Wichita Public Schools Year in Review
A look back at the 2014-2015 school year, highlighting the many reasons we have to be #wpsproud. Watch
2014-2015 High School Publications
Wichita Public Schools high school photography, journalism, yearbook and media production classes show off some of their best work of the 2014-2015 school year. This fine video was produced by Heights High School's Yearbook & Photography teacher Sean Monaghen. Watch
High School Choir Festival: East High Combined Women's Chorus
The East High School Combined Women's Chorus under the direction of Jenny Potochnik perform "Psalm 100" and "Scottish Lullaby." Watch
What We Love About National Academic League!
Students representing Wichita National Academic League teams celebrated another great NAL season with a banquet on March 10. Watch highlights from the 2014-2015 season and hear what NAL team members love about the competition, their NAL coaches and teammates. Watch
First In Class: Meghan Ortiz
We are following several 1st-year teachers as they begin their teaching careers in 2014-2015. This episode features North High Language Arts teacher Meghan Ortiz. Meghan looks back at her first semester and talks about her plans for the second semester. Watch
JROTC Superintendent's Breakfast
Students from Wichita's JROTC program share their thoughts on how the program has helped them in their academic and social endeavors. JROTC is offered in Wichita middle and high schools and focuses on character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership and diversity. It is a cooperative effort to help schools produce successful students and citizens, while fostering in each school a more constructive and disciplined learning environment. Watch
First In Class: Meghan Ortiz
North High School First year teacher Meghan Ortiz tells us why she got into teaching, and the path she took to get there. Watch
Living Rhythms: Buckner Drum & Dance Performance
Fourth grade students from Buckner Performing Arts and Science Magnet perform African dances and play drums from West Africa. This performance was the culminating activity of a 2 week workshop presented by guest instructors from Living Rhythms to teach students about the musical culture of West Africa. Watch
Fashionetta 2014
The Beta Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. present the 2014-2015 Fashionetta Pearls Scholarship Awards. This year’s theme is C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S.: Creative, Happy, Ambitious, Motivated, Phenomenal, Intelligent, Open-Minded, Noteworthy and Service-Oriented. These scholarships strive to help build women of character, respect and principle. AKA has identified 14 dynamic young ladies from throughout the Wichita area who exhibit these qualities and are being rewarded for their efforts. The Fashionetta Pearls also present their talents - including singing, dancing, dramatization and modeling. Watch
First in Class: Andrea Belsan
Griffith teacher Andrea Belsan shares how support from the district such as a peer consultant, a building mentor, and her teaching team, has helped her in her first few months of teaching. Watch
2014-2015 Women's Ensemble Invitational Concert
Wichita Public Schools High Schools present their Women’s Choirs in concert at Southeast High School. Performances include pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Brunner, Haydn, Gardner, Hatfield, Gilpin, Dillworth and many more. It was a wonderful evening and we are proud of our student performers and their choir directors for their dedication to excellence. (Certain selections had to be edited down for broadcast due to copyright restrictions.) Watch
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-Celebrating "Homegrown" Teachers in the Wichita Public Schools
-New Teachers Explain Why They Chose USD 259!
-Head Chef Introduces Healthy & Delicious New Food Choices
-First In Class- Adam Crispin
-Heights High "FreshStart" Orientation
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